Support Services

Multi Services

CLS Support Services multi service element is a large part of our business. Multi Service personnel include:

  •  Waste Operatives
  •  General Operatives
  •  Baggage Handling
  •  Hoist Drivers
  • Traffic Marshals
  •  Administrators
  •  Director’s PA’s
  •  Document Controllers
  •  Resident Liaison Officers
  •  Office Managers
  •  Secretaries
  •  Receptionists
  •  Welfare Operatives
  •  Lift Operators 
  •  Facility Managers 
  • Airside escorting
  • Banksman
  • Office move Operatives
  • Builders cleaning
  • Handymen
  • Wheel chair assistants 
  • Crowd Controllers
  • Soft strip operatives
  • Operatives with 17 years experience in mail distribution services 
  • Hoarding, fencing, gates, barriers

Logistics Operative (Multi Skilled)

Operative Supply has been the cornerstone of the CLS Support Services company for the past 5 years and has enabled us to grow and develop into an all encompassing company by providing the company with some of the best individuals in the construction industry. A fundamental aspect of this business is ensuring that our supply is the best in the marketplace and through the years have developed a unique bespoke database which provides us with access to over 4,000 fully trained and qualified operatives Nationwide.

Should the need arise to employ individuals externally, we undertake a thorough vetting procedure, which takes place during the interview process, to ensure that the individuals are suitable candidates for the required positions before we consider employing them. CLS Support Services are also fully committed to our people and all employees are given every opportunity to improve themselves on both a personal and professional level.

Our training matrix is comprehensive and includes NVQs, City & Guilds, CPCS Courses, SITO Training, CITB 5 Day Management, ACTA, CSCS as well as a variety of in house courses.

We believe that by using CLS Support Services Operative Supply our Clients are benefiting from the following:

      »  One stop consolidated logistics support services 
      »  Trained operatives
      »  Multi skilled workforce 
      »  Unique on site recruitment and training centres
      »  Value for money
      »  Construction logistics focal point in terms of procurement and supply chain process

Procurement Supply

      »  Site signage 
      »  PPE
      »  Uniform
      »  Cleaning consumables, tools and equipment
      »  Construction plant and equipment
      »  Stationery

Featured Case Studies for Logistics:

Currently operating at HAL Airports only.