Fire Marshalling

The risk of fire in a construction project and surrounding business complex is extremely high and places a very real risk to the building and staff during the development of the project. This is in most part due to the simple fact that large quantities of materials and waste are combined with numerous hazardous and flammable liquids alongside a variety of ignition sources. Fire Safety Management is therefore an essential and integral part of providing a safe and incident free project.

CLS Support Services can carry out the complete fire management of a project including:

  • Installing fire points
  • Maintaining fire routes and signage 
  • Maintaining fire audits
  • Fire Marshalling duties
  • Operating and maintaining fire alarm systems
  • Fire Drills
  • Risk Registers
  • Carrying out planned and unplanned maintenance works in line with O&M requirements

This enables the client to have a completely integrated auditable fire management process which can be updated as the project progresses. This process is one stop management which is easily auditable for clients safety benefit.