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On time delivery is a key constraint to many construction projects. Allow us to take away these constraints.

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On Time Delivery

 CLS can assist to secure an efficient movement of construction materials from suppliers to the workforce.


»  Improve construction project efficiency by pulling materials to the workforce using a just-in-time philosophy.
»  Allow suppliers to concentrate on their core programme of works.
»  Provide a secure environment in the close vicinity of the Airport.
»  Reduce congestion on both local and regional roads thus reducing vehicle emissions.
»  Manage delivery vehicle movements within an already congested area.
»  Provide support to our client stakeholders for successful delivery process.
»  Assist to produce and manage Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) for benchmarking of service level of efficiency.

The aim of the traffic management plan for any project is to facilitate the safe access and egress of vehicles onto site, without disrupting the surrounding environment. CLS Logistics Support Services will in tandem with the client, devise a safe and efficient traffic management system for the project and its successful implementation. CLS management have the expertise to understand local project procedures and clients permit procedures to carry out an efficient traffic management operation.

Traditionally projects suffer from well planned but poorly executed traffic management plans. CLS Support Services strategically place CPCS trained Traffic Marshals at vehicle gates and specific hazard points, who are responsible for directing site traffic to the correct off loading zone and ensuring traffic / pedestrian segregation. Also, CLS co-ordinates with the delivery management stakeholders by booking deliveries in/out of the site.

On a larger project Traffic Marshals have both internal and external impact. Therefore it is imperative to the success of operations and are often a neglected factor on projects. Ineffective traffic management creates a chaotic environment and presents a poor image of the project to local residents and can lead to the stockpiling of materials, hampering production and program.


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