CLS Logistics Solution

Logistics play an integral role in the success of any construction project and is the front line vision of the project to the public and local businesses during the construction process. Poor logistics in construction site costs the industry enormously, the simple fact remains that the constraints of a project ensure that successful delivery of the project is based on a few fundamental processes which CLS provide that will include:

  • Managing site deliveries, traffic management and permit process
  • Waste Management and progressive cleaning of projects
  • Facility Management for welfare facilities
  • Fire Marshalling/Management
  • Project Welfare and Office cleaning
  • Site Security & Access Control
  • Logistics data management to development for Key Performance Indicator (KPI) Processes
  • Construction Logistics planning and integration
  • Supply of skilled resources

Any failings of the above will have a significantly detrimental impact on projects and its successful completion. The message is clear, that for contractors and client’s alike; there are benefits from good logistics support services. The impact of poor logistics support on a project will be far reaching and impact every aspect of the construction process including:

  • Commercial inefficiencies 
  • Poor sustainability in environmental products and KPI’s for the end client 
  • Delay and Poor quality deliverables for the project 
  • Increased project time, therefore increased cost 
  • Poor asset management for client investment 
  • Limited liaison between the client and sub contractors 
  • Disruption to the surrounding area 
  • Increased Health and Safety Risks 
  • Poor communication with relevant stakeholders